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Calling Out To All Women!

We all want to be the best we can be… Meaning we want to be the best friend, daughter or son, mom or dad, spouse etc., that we know how to be. Often, I feel like we don’t know our identity, so we are unable to fully reach our max potential in our everyday relationships. With that being said, I have never been a wife before, so I have absolutely no idea what that a wife is really supposed to look like biblically. I did study some passages about a year ago, but I knew it was time for a refresher.

I began to read Proverbs 31 and I loved that within the first couple sentences I read that King Lemuel was listening to his mother. I know this may seem silly. However,people, my old self included, believe a lie that women are irrelevant in the eyes of God and The Bible. Oh, how this is such a lie from the enemy!

So I start reading again and I begin to reflect on my past couple weeks of being a new wife. I wrote a list of the characteristics I believe we should have, according to Proverbs 31.

A wife of noble character…

  • Is one of a kind
  • Is more precious than your favorite jewelry
  • Is trustworthy
  • Is reliable
  • Is hardworking
  • Is productive
  • A giver
  • A provider
  • Knows her identity
  • Her identity and foundation is Christ
  • Knows her strengths, God-given talents, and passions, and can utilize them
  • Is profitable and proficient with her time
  • Is resourceful
  • Is Selfless
  • Actively seeks God’s will
  • Is Joyful
  • Is Wise
  • Takes Advice
  • Is always growing in her walk with Abba
  • Is observant
  • Is loved
  • Has a beautiful & pure heart

I read through this and was reminded of how precious we are in Abba’s eyes. I realized how much I am loved & how we are supposed to know our own strengths. I realize as a Child of God we are called to be courageous and confident! There are a few qualities that I need to work on. I also need to work on being constant through all circumstances and not just the good times!

I really want to encourage those who don’t really know who they are, feel stuck, or lost to open up your heart to Abba and his word. Talk to him like he’s your best friend! He is my best friend! People look at me like I’m crazy because I talk to him out loud and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The more you get to know him, the more you begin to see your true identity of who you are called to be and the purpose you have on this earth. I just really want to speak to the ladies that don’t feel like they’re good enough or aren’t making enough progress in their life…You are so loved and you are doing just fine!

Side note:


Please don’t take my word for it with all my posts. Open up your bible and read the word of God!

Scripture Focus:

Proverbs 31

Questions to ask yourself:

Do you know your identity?

Do you have the characteristics of a noble wife?

How often do you talk to God?

Are you growing or at a stand still?

Are you willing to get to know God on a more intimate level?