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Walking With God Is Intentional

What do you go to for comfort when you've had a bad day? Food, your warm fuzzy blanket, a beer, a shopping spree at hobby lobby, your friends, the gym, even your spouse? When something happens, who is the first person you want to talk to? Do you talk to Abba or do you call… Continue reading Walking With God Is Intentional

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“Planning” For The Future

I've come to many spots in my walk with God where I'm like, "God, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I need to plan my future!". You can talk to my fiance, my to do lists, have to do lists. I like to plan EVERYTHING. Down to the smallest detail. I still have no idea what career… Continue reading “Planning” For The Future

Mental Health

Self-Care~~Mental Health~~

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself. MENTAL HEALTH DAYS ARE A REAL THING!So what does this whole "self-care" thing look like?Well, it looks different to everyone, because we all have different interests, but mine goes a little something like this:~Self-Care 101~Get 8 hours of rest (6 at the… Continue reading Self-Care~~Mental Health~~