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Discernment, Jane Hamon (Book Review)

Book Information:

Title: Discernment, The Essential Guide To Hearing The Voice of God

Author: Jane Hamon

Publisher: Chosen Books

ISBN: 9780800799557

Book Review:

I have not written a book review in a while. Not for my lack of reading, but more so that I have not found many books worth sharing here with you. Until, Discernment by Jane Hamon fell into my lap. Let me start off my staying that if you have a strong desire to grow in discernment, this is the book for you! Have your highlighter ready! This book will bring you into maturity as you digest the Word of God through every page and the testimonies shared within the pages.

When I started reading this book, I had somewhat of an understanding and distinguishing between spirits. This gift is not something that is talked about very much in the Body of Christ. However, when I was reading through each chapter, I gained more confidence through the Holy Spirit and what he had been speaking to me. I no longer felt like I was going crazy, but was brought clarity and confirmation of the things I was discerning.

Discernment by Jane Hamon is a book to equip the saints for such a time as this. As the Body of Christ it is of great importance that we are not only discerning spirits but the times that we are in! Hamon covers a lot of ground throughout this book. She talks about discerning times, angels, demons, and why it is important to grow in discernment for every Child of God.

If you are looking to grow in discernment and have a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, Discernment by Jane Hamon is for you. Through the scriptures provided and the testimonies she has shared, it will open your eyes and bring confidence through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Overall, I give this book a 5/5 and it will be headed to my ‘favorites’ book shelf. I will be rereading this time and time again as a refresher. This book is a gift of ‘karios’ for the Body of Christ.