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 Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken Finding Forgiveness and Restoration (UPDATED & EXPANDED) | Cindy Beall – Book Review

Book Information

Title: Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken Finding Forgiveness and Restoration (UPDATED & EXPANDED)

Author: Cindy Beall

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN:  9780736984720

Book Review

Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken by Cindy Beall was originally written many years ago and has now been updated and expanded. I love that message is the same throughout this book, you can trust God through the betrayal you are feeling. Cindy talks about the deep betrayal of her husband’s pornography addiction that later led to her husband, who happened to be a pastor, to have a baby with a mistress. She explains the process of the initial grief and the redeeming work of God’s hand in their marriage.

I love that this book is filled with authenticity and vulnerability. Cindy is not shy about the hard work it takes to be committed to marriage. The Beall’s testimony is an example of what is possible with God and a servanthood marriage after devastation. Their marriage is a work of God and what it means that He exchanges beauty for ashes.

Overall, Healing Your Marriage When Your Trust is Broken is a unique book that can help guide hurting marriages back to the healer Himself. The only downside to parts of the book are there is uses of “get over it” and “move on” that could be hurtful to those who are just learning of their spouses betrayal. You can see Cindy’s heart throughout the book is not the same language that is conveyed overall. The strongest parts of the book are the questions that were asked to other couples that had also endured broken trust. To have a variety of backgrounds and different scenarios reaches a greater audience.

Overall, Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken (Updated & Expanded) has very helpful tools for those who are just beginning to walk in their healing journey and marriages 10 years in alike. I do recommend this book to spouses who are hurting after marriage betrayal. I do advise those reading to continue you reading past the hard to hear parts of this book. It seems Cindy’s heart is one who sympathizes deeply with those who have been hurt. However, at different parts of the book it can be taken as someone who is telling you to just get over it or there is no hope for the couples who don’t have a spouse as willing to work at marriage recovery. I encourage you if you continue to read, you will see that her heart is to help.

Bottom line, this book is a reminder that you are not alone, marriage restoration is possible, and God is trustworthy, no matter where you are in your recovery journey.