Let Love Be My Motive

Reflecting The Heart Of Jesus

I believe it is during times of uncertainty and trials that how we view God is truly revealed. It is easy to praise him when things are going right. But, what do we do when things are up in the air? What do we do when nothing seems to be going right? One mistake many …

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Your quiet place. No children, no dogs, no spouse, no distractions. What does this look like to you? Is it your closest? Bathroom? A nature trail? Did you have one once and now it has been taken over? We all NEED a quiet place. EVEN JESUS DID! Our quiet place is essential. It is where …

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Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a restful night, but if it was anything like the Lunney Household, it was anything but. (Not complaining…Let me tell you why!) We left church around 9pm as it still rained and flooded the area. We came to a little dog in the road running around with a …

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