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Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft-Jennifer LeClaire (Book Review)

Book Information:

Title: Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft: Exposing the Supernatural Divination that is Deceiving Spiritually-Hungry Believers

Author: Jennifer LeClaire

Publisher: Destiny Image

ISBN: 0768456010

Book Review:

I want to start off with the bad news about Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft, because there is much more good to talk about in this review. In the very beginning of the book Jennifer LeClaire talks about ‘out of body’ experiences being from the Holy Spirit. I can assure you that out of body experiences are witchcraft/new age. I know this only because before I came to the Lord, I had them and it was because of dabbling in occult that this happened. I am so thankful that the blood of Jesus has washed me clean and set me free from my past. However, I am thankful that I am able to share with you to stay away from out of body experiences due to it being a stumbling block and hindrance to those who truly love the Lord. I would love to sit down with her and hear what she has to say concerning this topic. The only other thing I feel led to critique was that the first couple chapter’s it was a slow start. However, the rest of the book makes up for the critiques given above. (Let me add, no book is perfect and as an author myself I find it necessary to share ways that can correct but also exhort. This is not only helpful for the author but those who are reading!)

Do I think you should stay away from Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft due to the above critiques? Absolutely not. This book has helped equip me by sharpening my discernment and open up my spiritual eyes. I would advise you to read slow to be able to fully digest the depth of the content provided. Jennifer LeClaire is full of wisdom, boldness, and love for her God given assignment to equip the saints in the prophetic. My love for this tool starts with the amount of scripture used to understand where she is speaking from. We should be weary of books who speak about such subjects from their own wisdom rather than God’s Word. Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft had me step back and ask the Holy Spirit to examine my heart. Have I ever unintentionally prayed witchcraft prayers or been exposed to such false doctrine? LeClaire writes with authority and conviction given from the Holy Spirit. She shares her wisdom to equip you and I to be aware of the increasing amount of wolves in sheep’s clothing sitting in the pews and even on stage. LeClaire has wrote Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft in a way that gives room for repentance for those who had unintentionally fallen away from God’s heart. But, she is also very firm against those who purposely deceive which is conveyed through the emotion in her writing.

Overall, I give Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft 4 out of 5 stars. I would only recommend this book to those who are actively in the word of God. This is not spiritual milk for babes, this is meaty and full of wisdom. I want to leave you with this final thought before you think about investing in this book. Jennifer LeClaire has a love for the prophetic and the saints that is evident through her writing. I believe that this tool, despite the critiques, is a must have for those who are actively participating in waging warfare. Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft is a heart checking, eye opening, book on Prophetic Spiritual Warfare.