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What God Revealed To Me Through Hurricane Harvey

Reflecting on my adventure to Texas and Louisiana during the week that Hurricane/Tropical storm Harvey made an appearance, there are two main things that I learned…

1.God is the ONLY one who can CHANGE your circumstances

2.Growth is uncomfortable

Before leaving for Dallas I knew that Harvey was making his way inward. I knew that there was a high probability that I was going to need surgery on my knee.

I also knew, that despite what anyone had to say, making my way to Louisiana was in God’s will.

There were many things I didn’t know…like how Harvey was not only going to cause devastation in Texas but also the area I was in and surrounded by.

I did not know what being a military spouse entailed. I never understood the flexibility you need to have and that his responsibilities soon become your if he is called to work. I also didn’t know who I was staying with, where I was, or how I should drive during Harvey. I knew my fiancé and where Walmart was, that’s it. When my fiancé was on call and had to work (unforeseen circumstance), I was lost on a military base. I didn’t know North from South, I barley knew the people who opened up their home, I didn’t know the people he was house sitting for, I didn’t know if I was in a flood zone, and I didn’t know if the “see you later” I just said was for just that day or until I pick him up from the airport in October.

I wanted to flee and go home. I was uncomfortable. Really, really, uncomfortable.

My fiancé ended up coming back and I began to cry into an emotional ball of Tanja. He told me that we knew that me bring in Louisiana on this trip was apart of God’s will, so make the most of it and go check everything out. Me being me, of course was like “I need conformation.” I prayed and No more than 2 minutes later, my Mom called and said EXACTLY what my fiancé had just said.

Okay God, I hear you.

An overwhelming peace came over me from that moment on. Even with all the unforeseen circumstances, I knew that everything was going to be okay.

I was supposed to leave the 30th, the day before his birthday. The flight dates were what we could afford, and we were just thankful to see one another.

The 29th came and the area I was staying in was flooded. You couldn’t see roads, the wind was howling, and there was no sign of the rain from Tropical Storm Harvey letting up. My fiancé texted me and let me know that he was unauthorized to take me to Dallas and that I would be riding with someone from his base.

I didn’t respond back and I hopped in the shower and began to pray. I just prayed that The Lord’s will be done through this circumstance and that Mr.Harvey would ease and those who needed assistance through the devastation that his loving hand be upon them.

I got out of the shower, got dressed, looked at my phone and saw I had 5 missed calls and 6 missed texts! Wow! Someone was really trying to get ahold of me.

I called my fiancé back and he told me that he was authorized to take me on Friday, September 1st, if I could change my flight. It was too dangerous for anyone to go anywhere with Harvey.

I hung up and began to pray. Went on Southwest Airlines to see the price of flights and was appalled at the fact that a one-way was $437. I knew God would provide. I called the airline and explained my situation and they gave me a flight, free of charge, on September 1st for the same exact time as my flight that was supposed to be leaving tomorrow. The wonderful family I was staying with opened up their home for me for an additional two days without even blinking an eye.


I was able to celebrate my fiancé’s birthday, have two more days of fellowship, and even when I arrived home, Holy Spirit revealed just how perfect God’s timing is.

Even though I was uncomfortable and stretched and thrown into areas that I never anticipated or could’ve prepared for, I know Abba. I know his love and his promises. I knew that even if I felt nothing was going right in my eyes, that EVERYTHING would work out for the good and I held onto those promises.

When I arrived home to Michigan, I felt like a new being. This included my knee. I was healed.

I love that Abba has spoke such a creative and adventurous life over me. With twists, turns, and many miracles. I am so thankful for who he is. I am thankful for his promises I can hold onto. I am thankful for the depth of his love, the unique relationship I have with him, and that he uses unlikely people like me to show what an amazing father he is.

1.If you are in an unforeseen circumstance, know that Abba is the ONLY way to change or feel peace through it. Please understand that he keeps his word and promises. He is constant in a fallen world. His love is endless.

2.Yes, growth is uncomfortable. However, we often grow the most through situations we are uncomfortable in. In those moments we have no choice but to rely on God.

Apart from him, we are nothing. With him, we lack nothing.

Rely on God for everything! Rely on him for the little decisions like what you should eat for dinner, and rely on him for huge decisions like marriage, a home, and how to raise your children. He has spoken over your life long ago, he knows what you’re going to do, even before you’re going to do it. He always has the answer. Rely on him and his promises and feel the peace of his presence.

Thanks again to the family that welcomed me in their home. You have been pouring out your love upon me even before you met me and words cannot express how much I appreciate you.