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God, Your Love Just Gets Me

Overlooking Texas

As I was flying back to Texas, I had one of those breath taking moments with God as I overlooked the world from the sky. When you are in an airplane, the world looks so big. We seem so small. Yet, God, the creator of the universe…knows me better than I know myself. He knows every single detail of my life. He knows my heart. The beautiful, the not so beautiful, and the in-between. Overlooking the world (really just Texas), it was in that moment where God reminded me of how much he loves me. That he can pick out the smallest of details to let me know he’s here with me, directing my every step of the way. Yet, still is God of the universe and loves the person sitting next to me in such a profound way, that is individualized to them too. It brings tears to my eyes and such emotion, knowing the Love of God. How extravagant his love is. How reckless it is. How he knows it’s the little details that no one cares to pays attention to, that matter. It continually overwhelms me in the best way possible that he knows exactly what to say and what to do in the moment. Whether its a word of encourgment, a random act of kindness, or criticism out of love for my protection. No one can get in the way of his love for me.

His love never fails.

His love is relentless.

His love is so much bigger than we can ever imagine.