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But Jesus…

Before Jesus, I was lonely, depressed, and suicidal. I was consumed in self-medication through pain killers and alcohol. I was addicted to pornography and ashamed, looking for love and all the wrong places. I was labeled things like bipolar, ADHD, anxious, and mentally ill, and was told I would never get better. I had to stay on medications to just skim by. I was labeled in what I had been through and therefore a victim. But a victim no one ever believed. I was labeled by the circumstances of being raped and molested as a child, yet the world screamed that they did not believe me. I was abused and tattered. What I thought was love was truly toxic. When I was emotionally vulnerable, those who were closest to me, soon drew away from the truth and the pain that I shared. Before Jesus, I had wounds the size of craters from emotional abuse and every single time I was hurt, salt was thrown in wounds that never seemed to heal. I woke up day after day, hearing the lies of depression and old wounds, things were never going to get better and I was a failure. Things were really never going to change.

I felt like I was barely surviving, holding on by a thread…

What I did not know, was that thread was his garment.

Before Jesus I was without hope, I was far away. But NOW by the blood of Jesus I am near. He is closer than my breath.

Because of his blood done out of the abundance of God’s love I have him, the prince of peace.

He has torn down the lies of the devil, the labels of being unworthy, unheard, and a failure. He has destroyed the shackles of addiction, depression, and abuse, that once drug me down.

Through the blood of Jesus that was shed, I am no longer labeled bipolar, anxious, adhd, or mentally ill. I have been healed and set free!!!

He has tore down the lies that I believed. The lie that the only way I could earn love was to earn it. God revealed the lie of earning his love and replaced it with the truth…true love. The blood of his son Jesus which can only be accepted as a gift.

See, through Jesus we have Holy Spirit and we are made clean, spotless, in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

We are no longer a stranger BUT his very own. A citizen of heaven with all the saints, a member of our Father’s house, all built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

In Jesus we are made Holy and ready for the good works he that God has planned for us long ago.

IN HIM, only THROUGH HIM, there is UNITY.

We were once broken, shattered, and lost. But, through his blood we are made WHOLE, HEALED, FORGIVEN, and SET FREE. We are no longer bound in chains and shackled down. We lift up our hands to praise the one who has the royal crown.

If you struggle with any of the things I have shared with you above, I have to share that God has such a beautiful plan for you. If you just simply believe in Jesus, his gift of his blood is readily available for you. The best thing that I have ever realized was that God had already chosen me to be apart of his plan. That I had a purpose, that NO situation is hopeless, and I am loved by God and nothing can separate me from that love

If you have any questions or want me to pray with you, I would love to! Feel free to reach out to me with my contact information below:

Tanja Lunney