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The Lie So Many Believe About Emotions

There is a lie from the enemy that emotions are bad and Jesus does not approve of them or used them for his glory. We have emotions because he created them. While he created them, he did not command us to be controlled by them if the earthly realm is not matching up with his promises. He actually uses our emotions for his glory and for the heavenly kingdom quite a bit. I grew up VERY emotional. So much that my emotions controlled me, rather than Holy Spirit leading me. This is not a good place to be. This is where I believe the lie derives from.

Our emotions should never be our automatic response of why we make decisions that we do. While there is a reason WHY we are feeling the things we do, we are always to take our emotions and see what God is trying to speak to us through them. There are times where we are deeply saddened and he is calling us to cast up our cares to him, intercess on behalf of others, or Holy Spirit could reveal to you that the sadness you are feeling is not of him at all. It is so important that we are diligent to line up every thought, every emotion, to the Word of God and make anything that is not of him obedient to his word. We should never be led by our emotions, we are to ALWAYS be led by the Holy Spirit. Always taking careful consideration what he is speaking in comparison to what we are feeling.

Let us stick with the emotion of sadness, because this is clearly displayed in the testimony of Lazarus. What was displayed in the earthly realm, his sister knew him as “dead”. While Jesus KNEW that Lazarus was only sleeping, he still wept with them. He actually commanded us to weep with those who weep so we can intercess on their behalf. I am sure Jesus felt a lot of emotion. He was God in flesh and his word says he was tempted and knows what we go through because he went through it too. He is not a God that cannot relate to us, he walked among us. But JESUS was not controlled by emotions, he was controlled by Holy Spirit and always walked in Faith and by what his Father had to say.

 Which leads me here… We all go through trials and tribulations because the earth is not our home. Our home is in heaven! Some of us may be facing infertility, sickness, or another kind of aliment. There may be some of us who are dealing with grief, anger, or temptation. Whatever your circumstance is speaking to you through your emotions, make sure you are speaking to your circumstance about what has been promised to you through FAITH. Make sure that you always have the Word of God set higher and louder than what you are being faced with. We always need to go back to the foundation of God’s word. When we look at our circumstance and are engulfed only in our emotions, we are taking away our focus of who is seated on the heavenly throne. Instead of being engulfed in our emotions, we are to admit yes, I am having them but cast them up to the one who understand and cares. We are to focus on Jesus and his promises, not wavering in the things that are coming to pass. We do not serve a God that cannot sympathize with us, that does not care about what we are feeling. There is actually a scripture in the Psalms that says that “he keeps our tears in a bottle and recorded them in his book”. He cares about you so much that he knows every tear that has been shed. Remember, he is also JUST. God does not create anything that will not glorify him or fit into his perfect plan for humanity, this includes emotions.

  Our emotions can be used to draw us closer to God and draw his people and those who are lost closer to him. There have been times where Holy Spirit moves in my heart and has compassion on those, he wants to speak to through me. I am so thankful that he uses us. It is a beautiful moment to have Holy Spirit enable you to have compassion for those who are struggling and uses this compassion to show them that the Father cares, he see’s them, and he is working. There are also times that my own emotions are used to draw myself closer to the Father. With facing “impossible” circumstances, I am able to stand in faith his promises are going to come to pass. The promise then comes to pass and I am drawn closer to him because he is faithful. Or times where I have dealt with the wounds and scars of the past, and he mends them with his words, his children speaking his words, and I truly feel his presence. I feel his love and then I use those emotions felt from that to glorify him. This is why I am so passionate. I want God to use even my emotions for his glory. Use me Abba, every part of me for your glory and purposes. While we are not to base our worship of the Father solely on emotion, he has used my emotions to draw me closer to him.

  We are to not be controlled by anything other than Holy Spirit. I believe that there are emotions that the devil loves to use to try and draw us away from God. But God has not created anything, including emotions, that will not glorify and have a part in his perfect plan. We are to weep with those who weep. We are to pour out our cares unto him, being vulnerable with the only one who truly has taken a walk in our shoes and responded perfectly without sin. We are to be vulnerable with the Father so he can do what only he can do, heal, mend, and make us whole. While the devil often uses emotions to cause division and strife. God wants to use our emotions to to draw us closer to him and draw others closer to him. We are to have compassion, just as he does. Always being led by the Holy Spirit and making everything we feel obedient to God’s Holy word. Not afraid of our emotions or ignoring they are there, but admitting them and giving them to Abba and he can exchange this for his peace only found in him.

Scripture For Meditation

  • Romans 12:9-21
  • John 11
  • Psalm 56
  • Romans 8
  • Colossians 3:12
  • James 5:11
  • Psalm 103:13
  • 2 Corinthians 1:3-4