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Apps To Strengthen Your Walk

I have the app IDisciple, YouVersion, and ISword (sorry IPhone users), which are all applications that have strengthened my relationship with God. We are on our phone so often, why not use it productively?

IDisciple-Google for Christians is what I would call it. I absolutely love this app. From music, sermons, audio bible, growth plans, to articles. It’s all there. You do have to pay for the app if you want to have unlimited access. (So worth the $5) You do get to share access to the app with 5 others using your email with your subscription.

YouVersion-So many plans, so many translations, so many ways to just dive into the word. I am on this app the most. I love highlighting, sharing word images and uploading them to social media to spread the word, and the fact that you can add friends and have a news feed. Sometimes seeing what others have highlighted helps me in my walk. I also love being able to encourage others when I see them spending time in his presence. Also, major plus, The River (the church I attend), puts an event every week with the scripture and notes using during the message. It’s awesome to be able to go back and look over past sermons.

ISword-Unfortunately,unless it has changed, only for android users. This app helps me study deeper meaning to the original context of what was written. I honestly haven’t figured it all out yet on this app.

Do you have any apps that help your walk? Feel free to share!