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The Art Of Prayer-Kenneth E. Hagin ~Book Review~

The Art Of Prayer By:Kenneth E. Hagin

Book Information

  • Title: The Art Of Prayer-A Handbook On How To Pray
  • Author: Kenneth E. Hagin
  • Publisher: Faith Library Publications
  • Publication Date: August 1st 1992
  • Pages: 224
  • Price: $11.06 (Amazon Prime)
  • ISBN: 0892765186

Book Review

Wow, wow, wow. There are very few books outside the bible that can revolutionize your life. But, The Art of Prayer is one of them! I have never read one of Kenneth E. Hagin’s book until now. But I can assure you that I will be reading more. The Art of Prayer, A Handbook On How To Pray, is a novel inspired through the Holy Spirit and Sound Biblical Teaching on the different types of prayer and how build your prayer life. I LOVED the amount of scripture that was found throughout the pages of this book. There is nothing more important than sound biblical teaching when it comes to spiritual disciplines.

Hagin walks you through each individual type of prayer and how to apply this to your everyday walk. You could almost feel the anointing come off the pages as your read through. This read did take me a long time to read. However, the amount of time it took me to read is not due to dryness or poor penmanship. The things you will learn about prayer through this book is for those who are hungry for more and more of God. One of my favorite parts of the book is where he talks about intercessory prayer and how he was awoken in the middle of the night. He tells of several testimonies of how God has used him to pray for others which everyone can easily relate to.

Out of all of the books I have read about prayer, Kenneth E. Hagin’s The Art of Prayer is my absolute favorite. I do not think there is a single page that is not marked on with highlighter or notes. If you desire more intimacy with God, The Son, and Holy Spirit through your prayer life, if you do not know where to even begin in prayer, or are someone that is found in the middle, I highly recommend this book. I can read this time and time again.

5/5 for The Art of Prayer!

((This review was not sponsored))

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Empowered-How God Shaped 11 Women’s Lives (And Can Shape Yours Too)-By: Catherine Parks ~Book Review~

Empowered By:Catherine Parks

Book Information

  • Title: Empowered, How God Shaped 11 Women’s Lives (And Can Shape Yours Too)
  • Author: Catherine Parks
  • Publisher: B&H Publishers Group
  • Publication Date: April 1st 2019
  • Pages: 188
  • Price: $14.99
  • ISBN: 9781535934558

Book Review

Catherine Park’s juvenile non-fiction novel, Empowered, How God Shaped 11 Women’s Lives (And Can Shape Yours Too), shares the testimonies of 11 women who bravely endured challenging circumstances through God’s strength and power. Each chapter introduces each one of these amazing women of faith by a quote and a hand-drawn picture. You will read through parts of their testimony and research provided. After their stories unfold, you are left with pages where you are able to reflect upon each woman’s traits. Some of these traits include gratitude, loving the unlovable, and fearing God not man. At the very end of each chapter Park’s provides questions to reflect upon.

When I was graciously provided this book by B&H Publishers, I had no idea that it was aimed at children and young tweens. The cover will grab your attention right away with all of the bright colors. The illustrations inside of Empowered are simply beautiful. The 11 women that Park’s chose to focus on with help do exactly what the title says, empower and shape the audience’s livelihood.

Overall I give this book a 3/5 and would recommend it to Mother’s who want their young girls to know about women of faith. We are told that it is not only by the blood of Jesus but the power of our testimony. I plan on passing this read onto someone else. This book is aimed more toward late elementary or young junior high girls. Empowered was an easy read and I loved hearing and learning more about women who have shaped our faith.

Thank you to B&H Publishers for graciously providing this novel for me to review.

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Everybody, Always~Bob Goff (BOOK REVIEW)

Everybody Always (Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People)~Bob Goff

ISBN-10: 0718078136 Publisher: Thomas Nelson; 1 edition (April 17, 2018)

Wow! Where do I even start with this book review!?

Everybody, Always, is one of those reads that everyone can read and get a deeper revelation of love, how Jesus is the perfect representation of love, and how he has called us to love EVERYONE, ALWAYS. Bob Goff’s writing style of authenticity, humor, and vulnerability leaves you awe struck throughout this entire book. I leave this book changed by the power of his testimony of how “Love Does”. I had a hard time putting this book down. With every single page, Holy Spirit used Bob Goff as a vessel to transform my heart from someone who misinterpreted what the love of Jesus was into actively doing what love does.

How God has shown Bob through others what love is from the “croc drop” to the Witch Doctors in Uganda. This book along with the nudge of the Holy Spirit had me step back and really look at my heart. Am I truly loving and serving like Jesus? How can I do what love does starting now?

There were tears that were shed, conviction, and laughter with every chapter that I read. I am so thankful for the way God has used Bob to write this book. I give this book a 5/5, as in, stop what you are doing right now and read this book!! If you are looking to love like Jesus, which we all can learn to love more like him, this is a great read. Everybody Always taught me where I was wrong and where I need to do what love does. God used Bob’s life and voice to help me understand where I have went wrong and why I thought the things I did. I learned that I am not alone, and was gently reminded we are learning to love like Jesus together, so be abundant in grace because we all need it. Simply stated, we are to love Everybody, Always.

((This book review was not sponsored! I wanted to share because of how much this book has changed my life and heart! But, if you would like to buy this book and help me as an amazon affiliate, click the link below 🙂 ))

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Poverty, Riches and Wealth: Moving from a Life of Lack into True Kingdom Abundance-Kris Vallotton~Book Review

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While I would love to start this book review off by saying it was sponsored, Kris Vallotton and Bethel Church did not sponsor me to write this. (Not yet, anway!) I read this book for pure enjoyment. I have read several of Kris’ books and listened to his sermons and I really enjoy the content that he puts out.

Poverty, Riches, and Wealth changed my perspective on the way I run my small business, the way I look at being a good steward, and has given me a biblical perspective of wealth. I think it is important to realize that there is difference between having money and money having you and wealth is so much more than money! One of the most altering points of the book for me was when he pointed out that the streets in heaven are paved with gold. Therefore, God must not have a problem with riches. I am not sure where it came from, but I had a poverty attitude when I read this book. But, by the end I realized that the more I have, the more I am able to give and God gives out of his abundance to us and we should give out of the abundance from what he gives us. This book also helped me see what is a good investment, a godly investment, and how important it is to have different avenues of income. Overall I love this book and wish I had it in my book collection rather than just on my kindle. I give this book a 4 out of 5 only due to the fact it was more business related, however still very helpful and beneficial to read. It was not what I expected but still was great! I recommend this book to anyone who deals with money on a daily basis, soooooo….everyone!

More book reviews are coming soon! I was just offered two more books from pusblishers to review. So stay tuned 🙂

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True You (Finding Beauty In Authenticity)~Susan J. Sohn

True You: Finding Beauty in Authenticity
Susan J. Sohn, Broadstreet Publishing – December 18, 2018
ISBN-13: 9781424554515

True You written by Susan J.Sohn, is a journey through different women’s life experiences that will leave you with peace and hope for the future. Through powerful, gut-wrenching, emotional testimonies women have shared, you will end this book knowing you are not alone. Because of they were raw about their life experiences, feelings, and emotions this book was able to be written. Their vulnerability has brought an opportunity for healing throughout every single page. There are various topics and situations covered from their heart to yours.

I personally related to many women throughout the chapters of this book. It is a book to meditate on, apply, and can bring healing if your heart is open. I really appreciated how at the end of each chapter Susan lists suggestions and questions to help you apply what you have read. There were a few scriptural references here and there. But, Susan’s heart and love for empowering and encouraging women shines throughout the entire book. At certain points during the book, I felt the book was hard to read due to the fact that I had not been through what they had been through. However, I know heart and soul was put into this book. I wish I would have read this when I was battling mental illness and dealing with abuse. It would have brought me so much more peace back then to know I was not alone!

Overall, I give this book a 4 out of 5. I believe that many people who pick up this book and use what Susan has given them will experience freedom and love like never before. I recommend True You to anyone who may be struggling with self-worth, depression, anxiety or may be feeling like they are alone. I also recommend this book to women who desire to be all God has called them to be. Each testimony is packed with true experiences from women like you and me.

A big thank you to the author Susan for putting her heart and soul into each and every page and changing the lives of each women behind each story. I also want to thank Broadstreet Publishing for giving me the opportunity to review this book!

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;…”-Revelation 12:11 NIV