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Bold Enough To Ask (Devotional)

We know that God is a giver at heart. He does not give reluctantly. He willingly gives us the desires of our heart. If he gave us Jesus, what won’t he give to us?

What if we dared to take our own preconceived ideas of what God will give to us and we were bold enough to ask?

He has given us the ability to ask him anything, but are we willing to be bold enough to ask?

Let us join our faith together and turn up our expectation of what God is going to do. While we don’t seek him for what he will do. One of the beauitful things about who he is, is how he willingly gives us all. He deserves the praise for what he has already done, giving us the greatest gift of all, Jesus. But let us turn up our expectation, tearing down the preconceived ideas of what he will do, and boldly come before the throne

Let us join together and praise him for what he is going to do!

More Scripture To Chew On:

  • Matthew 7:7
  • Luke 11:9
  • Luke 18:27
  • Romans 8:32