Here at Let Love Be My Motive my goal is to capture God’s love through everyday life at affordable prices. No one should have to miss out on special moments! In Genesis God took a step back after he was done creating and exclaimed “it is good”. Here at Let Love Be My Motive Photography, I am here to do the same. Capture God’s love through his creation and in partnership with him, step back when it is all finished and exclaim “it is good”.

Let Love Be My Motive is more than a Photography business. I do not believe people should miss out on special moments because of times of financial difficulty. With that being said, if you are having financial difficulty, do not hesitate to reach out for consultation. We purposely have several options that we can work out during our booking consultation.

My promise to you is when you receive your photo’s, you will see God is doing more than just more than just photography. Behind the lens, a story is told and His love is captured. Here at Let Love Be My Motive, I want your session but be a time you never forget, the photo’s are just a bonus!

Here at Let Love Be My Motive we offer a variety of services and are here to serve a variety of budgets. As I mentioned in our Mission, no one should miss out on their special moments due to financial hardship. I am here to help. If you have any questions or are ready to book, you can contact me via email, private message me on Let Love Be My Motive Photography Page, Or Instagram.