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Friday Media Recap (February 5th-12th)

What Is Friday Media Recap?

Throughout every week, here at Let Love Be My Motive our goal is to give you something to chew on and reflect on that brings you closer to Christ. We do this through several spiritual disciplines and avenues. Which include, Blog Posts, Book Reviews, Podcast’s, Live Video’s, Bible Studies, and so much more! With all the tools, it can be easy to lose all the material that is shelled out. With that being said, every Friday from here on out, there will be a weekly recap of the tools that have been supplied. My prayer is that this makes things easier for you to access what you need in the moment!

Let Love Be My Motive got a facelift! Under the menu tab we have tried to make things easier to navigate which have included our newly started Art Shop *More details to come*, Battle Ready Bible Study, Podcast, and a search tool to get more specific. It is my prayer that Let Love Be My Motive is easy to navigate and in turn more useful for every day life. You guys are a blessing to me and this ministry. It is so important that we press forward towards our heavenly prize together and In times that are hard, we help lift up one another’s swords.

With all that being said, here is this past weeks media recap (February 5th-12th):

Blog Post(S)

Jesus Take My To Do List Quote

Jesus, Take My To Do List: LINK


Weekly Podcast

Cultivating A Culture Of Honor With Erin Crawford | Season 2, Episode 3

Tune into this week’s episode as we explore the topic of honor!

We explore:

What is honor?

In a day and age where honor is hard to come by, how do we set the example?

What did Jesus do in certain situations where He was not shown honor?

How is honor, love, unity, and community are all interwoven?

Anchor: LINK

Spotify: LINK

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The Secret Of Fulfillment In Hardships Or Prosperity (Podcast)

No matter what circumstance you may be facing, on the mountain top or in the valley, there is a secret to TRUE fulfillment👀 Thankfully for us, it is revealed in the Word of God🙌🏻😌
Today’s episode will leave you filled with encouragement & activation no matter what season you find yourself in! ❤

Listen to Let Love Be My Motive podcast on most streaming platforms!



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Child Of God, The Things You Can Do! (Podcast)

➡️Do you believe God wants to use you to bring heaven to earth?
➡️Why do we have a hard time walking in what God has called us to?
➡️How can we fulfill the purpose he has for us?
➡️Why is fulfilling our calling so important?
All these topics are talked about on today’s episode! 🎙

Check Out ‘Child of God, The Things You Can Do’ on most streaming platforms!
Video coming soon 👀



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Knowing The Truth From The False, Renwing Our Minds (Podcast)

Let Love Be My Motive’s latest podcast episode is up for your listening! A new episode will be published every Friday!

What this week’s episode is about:

In a world that shares plenty of information but not all is truth, how do we discern the truth from the false? 🤔
On today’s episode we talk about the great importance of renewing our minds! 🔥

|Scripture Focus|
•Romans 12:2•
•Colossians 3:1-7•
•1 John 4:1-6•
•2 Corinthians 4:16-18•
•Matthew 7:24-27•

Listen On👂


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Authority In Christ Podcast

The demons recognize the authority we have through our covenant with Jesus, do you? 🔥
You can listen to Authority In Christ, Let Love Be My Motive’s newest podcast on several streaming platforms ⬇️



Quote From Authority In Christ | Let Love Be My Motive Podcast

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