What Is Let Love Be My Motive?

Hey and welcome! 🙂 It has been a while since I updated this and as you know God is always up to something new! I want to first stop and say thank you for stopping in and seeing what Let Love Be My Motive is all about.

I have been writing this blog for a few years now. It went from Speak Life A Blog to now Let Love Be My Motive this year. God reminded me this year that it is not by accomplishments or failure we will be known by. But, we will be known by how much we love like Jesus. Thus, Let Love Be My Motive was born!

There a couple different things that are Let Love Be My Motive’s focus. Mainly the blog is written about Christian Living. God has healed me of Mental Illness so he has also led me to talk about the healing and freedom that comes from being in a relationship with him. I also really enjoy reading! Who doesn’t love a good book and some coffee right? So, I review books that have helped me on this journey called life. I want Let Be My Motive to be a blog that brings you closer to Jesus and I believe that he wants that for us too.

So who am I?

My name is Tanja Lunney and I am a Child of God. I never thought that writing for Jesus or even Jesus was apart of my life’s plan. However, Jesus and his radical love flipped my world upside down! I currently attend college at Lee University and live in the state of Louisiana. I am currently writing full time as a freelance writer and here on Let Love Be My Motive. God has placed a vision on my heart of what Let Love Be My Motive will become. But, we all know that dreams are not accomplished over night but by each small step of obedience!

I really enjoy reading, coffee, and thrift shopping. My favorite color is green and I am obsessed with calligraphy. Although, I need alot more practice! My husband and I have two fur babies, Kylie and Moose (aka Pretty Girl and Moo Moo).

In conclusion,

I pray this blog is a vessel to help you get to know Jesus if you do not know him. There is nothing like HIS love through a PERSONAL relationship with him! I am by no means perfect and neither is my grammar. I pray that if you do know him, that Let Love Be My Motive helps you and your walk with him and I pray that God uses Let Love Be My Motive as he wants and wills.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what God is up to at Let Love Be My Motive! Feel free to contact me at any time 🙂