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A Willing Spirit (Daily Devotional)

Psalm 51:12 CSB

We not only have a heavenly father who sympathizes with our weaknesses but lived a life of obedience — no matter what it cost Him. In order to live a life of obedience, like Jesus, we must know God is love. We must truly know His character. But, we must also have an eternal view. We must understand that though the Spirit is willing, our flesh is weak. May we stay connected to His heart and be empowered by His Spirit through prayer each day. May we not forget or overlook the cost of truly following Jesus but the glory that will come later.

Lord, give us a willing Spirit. Not one that is hesitant or unsure, but strengthen our hearts to trust that what you ask of us has ultimate good in mind because you are good. Forgive us for the times we have chosen self because of fear, pride, or a misunderstanding of your heart. Reveal yourself to us in greater measure. We trust that what you’ve asked of us, no matter what that may look like, is eternally good and won’t fade away like the things here on earth. Thank you for being the perfect example but loving us enough to remind us of your compassionate heart. Let our heart posture be one of reverence for you above all else.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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