Hey Friends, I pray all is well with you. There has been so much going on these past two weeks! Be sure to follow Let Love Be My Motive on Facebook and Instagram, where we have something for you 6 days a week. From blog posts, podcasts, book reviews, and live videos, and even a Studio launch! Here is the February 13th-26th Friday Media Recap!

Blog Posts

Seeing God’s Love Prints In The Midst Of A Storm

Dear Momma With No Living Children: You Are Not Alone

I Have Grace For You Today (Devotional)

When To Walk Away: Finding Freedom From Toxic People (Book Review)



Mastering Motherhood With Skyler Hippler Let Love Be My Motive

Founder of Step-In Momma Skyler Hippler joins me on this week's episode on what it means to Master Motherhood. Step-In Momma: https://www.facebook.com/stepinmomma
  1. Mastering Motherhood With Skyler Hippler
  2. Cultivating A Culture Of Honor With Erin (Kat) Crawford!
  3. Slayin' Singlehood With Janice Rigel!
  4. A Repentant Heart, A Compassionate King
  5. The Secret Of Fufillment In Hardship & Prosperity

Let Love Be My Motive Studio

Why Let Love Be My Motive Art?

God makes everything beautiful in it’s time. He brings dead things to life and makes messes into a masterpiece. Let Love Be My Motive’s Art is born from His creativity. I use dead flowers, stains, candle wax, and end up with something beautiful. I pray that this art is not something you just hang on the wall. But, it is a reflection of how God view’s you, a masterpiece. Each piece has scripture from recycled Bible’s. I pray that you tuck his word in your heart and carry it with you through each moment when things get messy. Remember, He is making something beautiful. All funds for Let Love Be My Motive Art will continue the things God is doing at Let Love Be My Motive. My prayer is to continue to give out free content. Through each purchase of art, this will give me the ability to pour back into other ministries, those in need, and expand into hosting free events. This art and photography is a form of worship to the Lord that I have truly enjoyed. I am really looking forward to seeing what God is going to continue to do in and through Let Love Be My Motive. He has blown me away these past couple years when it was just ‘speak life a blog’. Thank you again for all your love and support over the years. It is my prayer that this is more than just art but it brings you closer to God. I pray that this is more than just photography, that you see His love through each photography. I pray that Let Love Be My Motive has brought you to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. To love your neighbor as yourself and set your soul on fire for the Kingdom of God.

Feel Free To Shop Here: https://letlovebemymotive.com/shop/

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