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Equipping The Saints:
False Prophets & Teachers Part I (Video)

Right now, the Lord is exposing falsehood. There has been tremendous growth of false teachers & prophets. It is essential that you can identify the truth from the false. I share some key characteristics of false prophets and teachers with this video. The Holy Spirit has taught me and I am here to equip you with what he has shown me!

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3 thoughts on “Equipping The Saints:
False Prophets & Teachers Part I (Video)

  1. This has been on my heart, too, Tanja. I have been praying daily for years for revival in this country, and lately that prayer seems to be being answered! I pray that these evangelists who are drawing such huge crowds in the major cities (many are cities reeling from racial unrest) are truly leading people to Christ. I have been paying careful attention to what they are saying, and I’m encouraged! My main concern is that some of the comments coming in show a tendency to look to these guys for revival instead of asking, “Lord, what do You want ME to do?” The harvest is too big to leave it to a handful of worship leaders.

    1. I think there is alot of work that is unseen that we do not know about. We must each do our part and allow the Holy Spirit to examine us first!

    2. We will certainly not let the rocks cry out on our behalf!

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