Right now, the Lord is exposing falsehood. There has been tremendous growth of false teachers & prophets. It is essential that you can identify the truth from the false. I share some key characteristics of false prophets and teachers with this video. The Holy Spirit has taught me and I am here to equip you with what he has shown me!

Watch Equipping The Saints: False Prophets & Teachers (Part 1) on YouTube or Facebook with the links down below!

Youtube: https://youtu.be/PcnMB7y2S54


3 thoughts on “Equipping The Saints:
False Prophets & Teachers Part I (Video)

  1. This has been on my heart, too, Tanja. I have been praying daily for years for revival in this country, and lately that prayer seems to be being answered! I pray that these evangelists who are drawing such huge crowds in the major cities (many are cities reeling from racial unrest) are truly leading people to Christ. I have been paying careful attention to what they are saying, and I’m encouraged! My main concern is that some of the comments coming in show a tendency to look to these guys for revival instead of asking, “Lord, what do You want ME to do?” The harvest is too big to leave it to a handful of worship leaders.

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