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Out With The Old & In With The New

The Holy Spirit clearly spoke to me to share this word for today. May it activate you into the great things he has for you!

•God is searching for those who want to step away from the way things have always been done (tradition) & step into the new by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
•Traditions are barriers to stop you from truly fulfilling all God has called you to do
•Just because it hasn’t been done before or is bigger than you does not mean it is not from the Lord, rely not on your own understanding & be obedient to HIS ways.
•The only confinements we have on ourselves are the one’s we allow to be there. God did not put them there.

It’s time to to leave the old ways behind ➡️ and step into the new!

No more limits of what God can use us for, we say YES!

2 thoughts on “Out With The Old & In With The New

  1. Good word and very true. God has allowed the world to be shaken very hard. He has upset the apple cart so the old ways can no longer function. We are at a crossroads. Will we turn back to what used to be or be bold and courageous and face the unknown with faith.

    This is the time when those that want more of God will rise and those who want ‘self’ will fall further away. The divisions will be greater than we have ever seen before. The only question will be, which side will you choose.

    We can assure anyone that cares to ask that, yes, God will provide for you if you step out in faith to follow Him. The test here isn’t about God’s trustworthiness to carry you through faith but will you be willing to follow Him.

    We wholeheartedly agree with this post. Thank you for giving it out!

  2. Thank you for commenting. I am sorry I just saw it now. What you said is so true Homer and we this playing before our very eyes 3 months later!

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