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God Is Doing Something Greater (Testimony Part 1)

When everything seemed to fall apart this year with 2 car accidents, a miscarriage, and my Grandma dying, I didn’t realize that God was up to something greater.
I didn’t realize that the 2 car accidents was the vessel for God to prove his faithfulness and prove time and time again HE is our provider. He has used these 2 car accidents to allow us to be debt free and blessed us with 2 reliable vehicles that are honestly an upgrade from what we had.
I didnt realize that God wanted to use the miscarriage to help encourage women who have stayed silent and felt alone. I didn’t realize God telling me to share my weaknesses was going to help women who have endured the same to loss. It would give them the courage to speak up and many began to tell me how they now known they aren’t alone and he is with him.
I didn’t realize that my Grandma passing would teach me that it truly is the little things that matter most and teach me how to look past offense and love people, really love them. Her passing taught me life is too short to do anything less than love people where they are.
I didn’t realize that this year would test everything in me. That God was going to refine the doubts, fear, and people pleasing right out of me because honestly I didn’t knew these things existed in my heart.
Growth is painful.
Refining is painful.
But I know now, HE is my solid footing.
He is my foundation.
He was the one who never left.
He is the one who makes ALL things beautiful in it’s time.
His ways are perfect and he is trustworthy even when I don’t understand.
I know each and every one of us has been effected this year in some way, shape, or form. Maybe you can’t see how things are going to work out. Honestly, in the midst I couldn’t either. But instead of relying on what I could see, I shared my heart with God. When I did this, he gave me his peace, his promises, his compassion, love, and even sometimes loving correction.
Even if you cannot see it or feel it right now, God loves you. He is working everything out for the good for those who love him. Be unashamed, share your heart with him because he cares. He hears you. He see’s you. He loves you.
& remember, he is up to something greater.

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