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Relationship Goals, How To Win At Dating, Marriage, and Sex~Michael Todd (Book Review)

Book Information:

Title: Relationship Goals-How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex

Author: Michael Todd

Publisher: Waterbrook

ISBN: 9780593192573

Price: $23.00

Book Review:

Relationship Goals, How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex written by Michael Todd is a book with a lot of potential. I did receive the unedited proof. What I believe what could make this book stronger and truly transform hearts is the use of scripture reference to back up the points that Michael Todd does make. When I read this book I was surprised at the amount of personal interpretation but there was no scripture to be found before or after the story is told. I believe that personal interpretation is a wonderful tool to emphasize what is being said in the scripture. However, leaving it completely out of the sequence is a major mistake that this book has. The Word of God is the only thing that can truly transform the heart. I was really surprised that there was not as much scripture because I listen to Michael Todd on almost a weekly basis and that man is FULL of the word.

The one major thing I loved about this book is the emphasis on soul tie’s. There are not enough books that warn young people about the dangers and even science behind the consequences of fornication and premarital sex. I love the transparency shared in this book and that it was easily relatable. I understand that Michael Todd is ‘HOT’, humble, open, and transparent. But when I read about the “little swimmers”, I thought about the young audience potential reading this book or those who struggle with purity. I feel that this could lead down a road one does not need to go down. I do love the transparency and relatability that Michael Todd does share with everyone he deals with, because the world has real problems and needs real solutions.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and do think that the use of scripture and personal interpretation brought together could truly transform hearts. I love the relatability but there must be a point where we have to step back and say this could be a stumbling block for someone else. I only found this in one place in the book, which is great! I absolutely loved that Natalie spoke at the end, she is a great writer and it is so important to have both the husband and wife’s perspective. The emphasis on soul tie’s is what really made me happy to read this book and would make me recommend it to someone else. I would recommend this book to late teenager’s, young adults, or anyone who desires to understand purity and the difference between #RelationshipGoals and a godly relationship. With all of this being said I would give Relationship Goals 3/5 stars. Scripture is the only thing that can truly bring transformation. Without it, its just personal interpretation and nowhere for Holy Spirit to convict and bring repentance through the Word.

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