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I Am Here

Soon a gale swept down upon them, and the sea grew very rough. They had rowed three or four miles when suddenly they saw Jesus walking on the water toward the boat. They were terrified, but he called out to them, “Don’t be afraid. I am here! ”
John 6:18‭-‬20 NLT

When we are going through the storms of life and the waves are trying to overtake our boats because of the winds, it is easy to forget the simple but profound truth of verse 20, “do not be afraid, I am here”.

There are both instructions and a big reminder for us in the verses found in John 6. Jesus commandment to us is first, to not be afraid. When life throws you a curve ball, it is easy to get distracted by your circumstance so much that you are quickly filled with fear and anxiety. But, Jesus says despite all this we should NOT be afraid. Why? Because HE himself is in the storm with us.

We can have peace in the midst of the world when it is in chaos because we stand firmly upon our solid foundation of Jesus Christ. With him, we will not be shaken. He is called the Prince of Peace and exclaims to you and I both to, “…have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 NLT.

Believers and nonbelievers alike are all going to go through troubles in this world. The major difference is that those who have made Jesus Lord will end up triumphant through the promises of God and are able to have peace in the midst because they know the one who is WITH them and fighting FOR them.

You and I are going to go through troubles, but we do not have to live in fear. We can stand in faith knowing that God is working everything out for our good (Roman’s 8:28). When the wind starts to blow and the waves begin to draw closer, hold onto the best lifejacket/lifesaver there is, Jesus Christ. He will keep you afloat. Remember, he is for you, not against you and laid down his life for you in your darkest moment. He loved you then and he loves you now, forevermore. Dive into the true peace and hope found him!

Reflection Questions:

  • Have you been focusing on the storm rather than the ultimate truth of God’s Word? How can you actively refocus on the truth above all else?
  • Read and Meditate of Phillippians 4:6-9.
  • What has your thought life looked like?
  • Prayerfully go through the word of God finding truths to replace your thoughts that may not be praiseworthy, true, or Gods best for you.
  • Hang notecards or a piece of paper of a couple scriptures you found in a spot in your house that you will see most to remind you Jesus is with you and fighting for you in this season.
  • Share a scripture in the comments that is helping you!

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