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Small Victories With Great Gratitude

Today, would be a regular day for many of you. But today, for me is a day filled with many small victories and the mark of something grand. Since the car accident, our daily life has been hard at The Lunney household. At the beginning of the year I was exuberant about what was to come. The Lord made a way for me to write and the bills were paid. I had a very scheduled life, but a blessed one. Writing, reading, taking care of my husband, fellowship with friends, doing all the things I love was my life on a daily basis.

Then life happened.

Since the accident, life has changed. But I know in my heart, all of this is for the Glory of God. What the enemy used to bring harm and destruction, Jesus is bringing out good. One of the things God has directed me to do is to share this journey with you.

I have to be honest, for the past 3 weeks, getting out of bed and taking a shower has been a chore. The way I speak has no longer came natural but has been a process. Life happened and it left me not knowing who I was now. I remember who I was before. But who am I now? There is a disconnect no one can see but I live with on a daily basis. I know who I am in Christ. However, there was such a profound war happening that no one, not even my husband could see. It was in my mind.

I believe that by his wounds I am healed. I believe that the only way this ends is victory and the only way through this is, well, THROUGH it. Healing has been a process. The important things has been to remember not to compare and to continue.

Today has been productive, our house feels like a home and I was able to do more than I have been able to in the last 3 weeks combined. As I mopped my floor today, tears streamed down my face and I could not help but thank Jesus for the progress. My clean floor and the tears that fell to the floor were the mark of thankfulness. The wet floor of Mr.Clean and tears were an indication that I was able to do something that used to be apart of my normal routine. This is my new normal. But my new normal is marked with healing, thankfulness, and victory.

Learn to celebrate all your victories, even if they seem small. Do small things with GREAT gratitude. Do not discredit your victory and learn to celebrate others. Have an open heart to let God use you as you are and where you are, even if it’s sharing the victory of a clean floor. What is your victory today? God is celebrating with you and I am too.

I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Psalms 34:1 KJV

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