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As I am With All I Have-Saying Yes To God

I am in a place in life where I have a choice to endure or to give up. Frankly because I know this is a fixed fight and I am on the winning side, I am choosing to endure. Every day I wake up and must choose to endure and embrace the season that we are in. I am aware that where I am is not the worst it’s been nor is it the end. I have seen God’s faithfulness throughout this season over and over again which has brought me closer to him in an unexpected way.

On January 21st, my husband and I were in a car accident. It totaled our car and we were left with minor injuries. Well, except for a concussion that has left me not feeling like myself. I am full believer in divine healing. By his wounds I am healed. However, I have had to deal with symptoms at hand. Such as, not using the proper words. A prime example would be that I was trying to talk about pineapple to add to my smoothie and with confidence I spoke about adding porcupine instead. There have been other symptoms such as extreme fatigue, difficulty processing emotions, and a disconnect of who I am and the way that I am now. These people are not the same people. I used to be quick to respond, but now I have to process to say the right words. The person that I used to be was able to write easily and had a problem with math. But who I am now wants to chuck the computer across the room because there has been such difficulty with everything that I try to do. I have strayed away from writing because of all this.

Yet, Abba in his love brings me back to him and who I am in him once again.

Over the past couple weeks he has brought me to people across the bible who were the least likely but were used in a profound way. He has shown me people throughout the bible that the world may shrug their shoulders at, but he see’s their heart. He has given me example after example of people who said yes, use me!

One of the first examples he gave me was the little boy with the five fish and the two loaves of bread. I do not think that the little boy knew that what he offered, all he had, was going to feed the 5000+ people and there still be left overs. This little boy gave Jesus what he had and because the Lord saw his heart, he blessed it and created another miracle.

The other two examples have to do with widows. Holy Spirit led me to the story of the widow providing for Elijah. Elijah was sent to the widow from provision through the Lord. When he arrived, she explained that the only things she had were oil and flour that she was going to use to feed her son and herself and then later die. Things seemed hopeless for this widow. However, Elijah asked her to bring him a cake. Because she gave God ALL she had, God provided for all of them to eat for many more days.

Today, Holy Spirit brought me to the widow and the two coins. While the rich gave out of their abundance, she gave all she had. The Lord saw into heart and she is forever remembered as the woman who gave all she had to the Lord and an example for all of us to learn from.

Throughout all these examples, God continually speaks the same message: he wants us as we are with what we have. He wants us to say yes despite what it may feel like or even look like. God does not love us for some future version of us. He loves us right where we are, even if we call pineapple porcupines. God knows that when you choose link up with him, you are more than enough. Your weaknesses are now partnered with his strength. Now, he can use your weaknesses for his glory. God is not ashamed of who we are, he loves every part of you, even what feels messy.  

As I am, with what I have, I am Yours.

Mark Walker (President Of Lee University)

God is asking you to say YES today. He wants to use you as you are, with what you have. The widow’s two coins were an abundance to the Lord, the five fish and two loaves fed over 5000+ people. Giving God all she had, the flour and oil fed the widow and her son for many days. Will you say yes to God today? Give God all you have and watch him use you in a way that exceed your expectations.

Scripture Focus:

  • Luke 21:1-4
  • 2 Corinthians 9:8
  • 1 Kings 17
  • Romans 6:13
  • Matthew 14:13-21
  • John 6

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