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This Is Your Sign To Not Give Up

In the moments you feel like giving up, ask God for strength to get you through. With the tears strolling down your face ask him to meet you there and surround you with reminders through his word of how much he cares. I can assure you he will meet you there, reminding you, his precious child of how much he loves you. Cast your cares upon him, allowing him to heal the hurt, and be surrounded by his love and inexhaustible peace. The only way we go out defeated is if we give up. Our God does the impossible. He is the one who never breaks a promise. In the waiting, just as this Psalm states intertwine yourself as one with God. After all, those who have their minds fixed on him will be in perfect peace.

Our God is faithful. Don’t lose hope in the waiting. Just draw a little closer to his heart instead.

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