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The Hannah Anointing- Michelle McClain-Walters (Book Review)

Book Information

  • Title: The Hannah Anointing: Becoming a Woman of Resilience, Fulfillment, and Fruitfulness
  • Author: Michelle McClain-Walters
  • Publisher: Charisma House
  • ISBN: 1629995673
  • Price: $9.99 (Amazon, Paperback)
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Book Review

Hannah’s story is one that all women can relate to. Hannah is a woman who is relentless, passionate, and determined after what God had promised her. The Hannah Anointing by Michelle is a short but meaty novel for all women that are enduring the season of waiting. Michelle uses Hannah and much more scripture to equip the reader to wait like Hannah and be fruitful during the wait.

I feel that this book came to me in my wait at just the right time. After reading this book, I can say that I will be passing it onto friends and keeping one for safe keeping here in my home with me. The reason why the Hannah Anointing is so powerful is the scripture chosen to convery the message, easy application, and prayers that unfold inside. As you read through the pages you are able to relate to who Hannah is and all the other Hannah’s out there, knowing you are not alone in the wait.

I believe one of the most beautiful things about this book is the way that it ends (which is hard to say for a book lover). Michelle McClain Walter’s has a way of pointing out that Hannah did not have an example to follow in her wait, however she left us one of the greatest one’s to follow. Throughout this novel I feel like I got to know Hannah and it has given me even more of a love for God and his word.

Throughout the Hannah Annointing you will be taken through an adventure with Hannah and the God that so loves her. You will see how she handled things with such grace and elegance, continuing to worahip the Lord despite the wait. Throughout this book you are taught how to wait gracefully, fruitufully, and handle what tries to come against you in the wait just as Jesus would want you to.

I have read some wonderful books in my day. However, there is just something about The Hannah Anointing that you take with you well after the book is closed. Anything under 5 stars would be unjustified. This is one of the books that will change your life the moment you start to read it!

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