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Sadly Mistaken: The Truth About God’s Love Despite Our Mess

We make mistakes, every single one of us. Sometimes, we even chose to do the wrong thing and feel regret later. I’ve done the wrong thing more than I am happy to say. What does God have to say about these mistakes?

Oftentimes, we feel the pain of our decisions later. It could be instant, hours, days, or even years. But no matter the mistake or decisions that I have made, Jesus met me with his grace.

“Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.”
Psalms 37:24 NLT

We serve a God who loves unconditionally because that is who he is, love. He does not base his love upon how many times we have missed the mark or how many times we have done something amazing for the Kingdom. He just loves us because he is love.

One of the biggest truths that has been revealed to me is that nothing is too big for grace or mercy. No mistake or chosen wrongful action can outweigh the decision he made for us over 2000 years ago on that cross. When we had nothing to give, he still chose us. He loves us that much.

Do not hold yourself to contempt when Jesus calls you forgiven. The enemy loves to try to keep us tied down in the lies of failure, fear, and condemnation. But the beautiful thing is that everytime the devil feeds us a lie, Jesus died to reveal the truth and set us free.

Today, you and I stand together not wound up in past regret and condemnation or worry about the time we have missed the mark. We kneel together before the cross thankful for Jesus who has set us free and is working everything out for our good. We praise together his Holy Name in thankfulness that his love is not based upon performance but based upon who he is, love. Nothing can separate us from his love. Nothing.

Further Scripture Study:

  • Romans 8
  • Psalms 138:7
  • 1 John 4
  • Isaiah 57:18-19

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