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Let My Words Reflect You (Devotional)

The more I spend time in communion with God, the more I realize just how powerful the words we speak are and what we do on a daily basis is not meaningless even when it may seem trivial. God, let our lives be an offering of worship to you today and everyday.


Holy Spirit I thank you for being such a great help, the perfect helper for me.
I pray that you help me work wholeheartedly unto God and not for man and let the words of my mouth edify and impart grace to those who hear. Forgive me for the times I have missed the mark. Let me no longer be a stumbling block to anyone, but let my life be an offering to bring the lost back to you and those who know you even closer.
In Jesus Name,

1 thought on “Let My Words Reflect You (Devotional)

  1. Yes, the power of words.
    My husband commented the other day that when I pray I’m always thanking God.
    A friend once commented that I seem to have a constant supply of joy.
    Coincidence? 😉

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