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Ever Increasing Faith (Devotional)

Many times we cannot see how God is going to make what he promised coming to pass. Many times we make ourselves sick with worry and believe the lies of the enemy that it’s not going to come to pass…🙃
But, he didn’t tell us to make it happen…he told us to have faith and trust in him! 💜
Abraham’s faith increased as time went on…so should ours!! 🙌
We just come to you today and say we are sorry for any unbelief we have in our hearts. We thank you that you are our helper and we ask you to help us. Take away any unbelief we may have and increase our faith. May we diligently seek your word, especially by listening because by hearing the word of God we a promised our faith must increase. Let what we are going through right now bring you glory! We thank you that you are faithful and true and that your word cannot come back void. You are such a good father. Let us meditate how you have never failed us and never will. You are working everything out for our good. We are more than conquerors and victorious through you Jesus. We thank you for that today.
In Jesus Name,

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