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Through The Eyes Of Love-Shawn Bolz (Book Review)

Book Information

  • Title: Through The Eyes of Love Encouraging Others Through Prophetic Revelation
  • Author: Shawn Bolz
  • Publisher: Emanate Books Thomas Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780785227298
  • Price: $17.99


I was so excited to read Shawn Bolz’s “Through The Eyes of Love” However, I was highly disappointed and honestly quite disgruntled as I read this book. I have never given a book review on Let Love Be My Motive (my blog) lower than 3 stars, but I had a hard time even rating this book due to it being unbiblical. I am wondering if people will even catch where it is false which is quite concerning. While I believe that grace abounds where sin abounds. Prophetic words are not something that should be spoken lightly. You are being God’s mouthpiece. I believe that everyone has the ability to prophesy IF you have the Holy Spirit. As a true prophet of God, there should be no false words spoken. This is due to you being lead by the spirit rather than your flesh. He made it seems like eh, there is grace, do not worry about it too much. If you give a false word, you give a false word. As I said, I do believe there is grace for much but it is so important for Holy Spirit to be leading you rather than what you think you know or “context clues”. I put this book down at 34% (3rd chapter) after he talked about him not giving word’s about relationships very often. Why at this point? Because he talks about a girl who used to be into prostitution and had “daddy issues”, therefore there would be NO way he would ever be with someone like that unless she was working on her healing.


I’m not sure who Shawn Bolz is or how is other books are, but please stay far away from this one. It doesn’t represent the prophetic or the Love of Jesus. There is a lot of deception concealed by bits of truth.

Do I recommend this book? Nope, sorry. I give it a 1 star out of 5, If I could give it a 0 I would. I hope to not seem harsh but I cannot co-sign this on Let Love Be My Motive.
Seek Holy Spirit for help with the prophetic and love. I will be looking out for new books on Loving Like Jesus and the Prophetic to share with you other than the bible (even though this is your best bet!). So sorry to disappoint!

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