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Love In Action

In the United States of America, we all have at one time made a god out of comfort. We can see it embedded everywhere in our culture. Many of us have this idea that the next vacation will give us the peace we need, if only we had more time we would find what we are looking for, or if we had that job we have been dreaming of that everything would be great. In reality, would the peace we are so desiring come from the next big thing?

Absoltuley not.

True peace can only be found in the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

We live in a day and age where we are always looking for the best best thing. But, did you know that if you make over $2 a day, that your are apart of the world’s richest…

Here in the United States we often get caught up in the trap of comparison. When in reality, we are better off than most of the world. If you do not have to go on a hunt to find clean drinking water today, you are doing better than 780 million people. According to WASH, 2.5 billion people lack access to sanitation. That is 35% of the world’s population.

I want us to look together at the example that Jesus left us when it comes to giving.


Jesus, the spotless lamb, God in flesh did not come into this world and find comfort. He came into this world and was treated terribly. He was spit upon and accused when he did no wrong, and ultimately beaten and crucified. So, where did we get that life was going to be comfortable?

In my walk with Jesus, I have never been without. He does promise we will lack for nothing and that HE is our provider. I firmly stand on the word of God and that his promises are true. However, if Jesus gave up everything including his own life for us, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our brothers and sisters and even who is our enemies?

I am not saying all of us are missing it. But, I do believe that many of us are. We have made a god out of comfort.

When we see someone in need, do we help them or do we pass by?

The word of God says that we are going to be known by if we love like Jesus. In 1 John 3, it says we are to love in deed and in truth. Which means, we are to put love in action that carries out God’s inner desire and purpose for our life in an undeniable reality that cannot be hidden.

We need to love like that.

In a country we have so much, we should be be giving and giving some more. If God is our provider, why are we scared to give?

As Christians, followers of Jesus, we need to actually follow him and his ways. To love people in the way that he loved. We have Holy Spirit to guide us in how to love in action. But, we must be obedient to what he has called us to do. Will you give up your morning Starbucks to provide a meal to someone today? Will you go and buy shoes for someone who has none? Will you give up your time to the lonely and brokenhearted? Spread the Good News to those who have not heard?

Many times God wants us to be obedient in the small steps Holy Spirit gives us, which in turn make a huge impact.

Let us put love in action today, laying down our comfort, and giving ourselves unto others in a way that people know it is the love of God that they felt.

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