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God Remembered Her.

Today is Mother’s Day. A day where mother’s, grandmother’s, aunt’s, cousin’s, and women all around the country are celebrated and cherished. Today is supposed to be joyous and a celebration, a day to give extra gratitude and thanks to those special women. Yesterday, to my surprise, I was E-M-O-T-I-O-N-A-L and this morning I woke up with a sense of deep sorrow and grief. Sure, I miss my family my mom’s and grandma’s. But this sorrow was not from missing them, it was from the other side of Mother’s day that often happens behind closed doors.

I did not know when Holy Spirit was going to lead me to talk about this. I knew that he was going to, I just did not know when. Today is that day…

Today there are many women who have mixed emotions about Mother’s day. Those who have lost a child, many who are struggling to get pregnant, and those who have lost their mother figure. I fit two of these categories, but I have witnessed close friends and people I consider family deal with every single one. Today my heart and Abba’s heart goes out to you.

I was dreading mother’s day and friends recognized I was even before I did. I did not realize until this morning what was going on (thank God literally for godly friends). Why? When you are yearning for motherhood and infertility strikes, there is grief that comes alongside. Do I want to feel this? ABSOLUTELY NOT. God gave me a promise that “our descendants would be more than there are grains in the sand”. I believe that his word SHALL come to PASS. There is no way he can go back on his promise. But, day after day, test after test, there is sorrow and grief.

I am here to say, those of you are in the waiting of the promise you are not alone. Do not lose sight of the promise keeper and his promise to you! But, do not act like the grief is not there either. Ignoring what is going on is not going to increase your faith. Handing your sorrow and grief over to the ONLY one who can make a way, deals with the trial at hand. For those of you who may have lost a child, I weep for you today. But, I know that Abba heals the brokenhearted and wants you to lay your pain and agony in his hands today. For those of you who have lost a mother or motherly figure, this promise holds true to you too. Do not ignore what you are feeling, cast it up to the one who cares.

Do I have doubt that God’s promises are going to come to pass? Nope. I believe that his blood shed on the cross for us is a covenant that cannot be broken. I believe in DIVINE HEALING for ALL. By his wounds we are healed and made whole and his word cannot come back void. I believe through Jesus Christ I am MORE than a CONQUEROR, I am victorious, and NO WEAPON shall prosper. I stand in faith. I believe that he is not a man that he can lie, that he will do what he has promised me.

Yet, through all of this there is grief. Just as Hannah wept so loud people thought she was drunk, I have cried those tears. Just as Rachel felt jealous of those around her, I have unfortunately done that too. But in both cases the word of God says that “He Remembered Her”.(1 Samuel 1:19,Genesis 30:22).

I want you to know today that God see’s you. He remembers you and has never taken his eyes off of you. If you are feeling grief today, sadness, or any other emotion do not keep it in. Cast your cares up to God because he cares. You are not alone on this journey and HIS PROMISES, HIS WORD, CANNOT come back VOID. Fight the good fight of faith, but do not do it alone. Trust in him who is known as FAITHFUL and TRUE. Lean on him, lay everything at his feet so he can mend your broken heart. He will not leave you or forsake you. Declare the things he has promised you, but never be ashamed to lay what is going on in your heart at his feet. He knows your thoughts. Give them to him so he can trade your heavy yoke with his light yoke. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and his beloved. He has never forgotten about you. How could he? You are his beloved.

Further Scripture Study:

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  • Genesis 29-30
  • Numbers 23:19
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  • Isaiah 53:4-5
  • 1 Peter 2:24
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3 thoughts on “God Remembered Her.

  1. Just wondering, and i don’t mean this to be rude, but if his promise cannot come back void, AND you never become fertile through prayer or medicine, then what? Wouldn’t that mean his promise was void? He is fallible?
    Now i pray you do find a way to fertility and deliver as many healthy babies as you want, but I just wonder what your text means.

    1. What a great question!
      For myself, it is no different than when Daniel went into the furnace and King Nebuchadnezzar threatened him because he would not bow down. He said “even if God does not, he is still good”. For me I truly believe by his wounds we are healed. I am not God so I do not have all the answers. But his thoughts are higher than ours and he is working everything out for our good. I know that wavering if God will do it is an act of fear rather than faith & he told us not to waver. You can read up more on this in Hebrews 11. There is also a story about a blind man in John 9 where Jesus heals him but the disciples ask what the man did to cause his blindness or what did his parents do. Many times I feel like the devil likes to make us think that we go through things as a form a punishment. Jesus displays this is not true in this story.
      I hope I brought some clairty. It is best to go before God in prayer and ask but I do love helping as much as I can 🙂

  2. I also mean in the book of Daniel! Sorry about that!

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