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The Root Of Rejection~Joyce Meyer (Book Review)

The Root of Rejection is one of Joyce Meyer’s shorter reads, yet it jammed packed full of spiritual wisdom. Joyce is very precise and to the point with this read-only being 108 pages long. While it is a short read, it took me a rather long time to read. Throughout this book, you will find yourself looking back at the past and connecting the dots of why things are the way they are. This book can be used as a tool to start your journey towards healing and ultimate freedom.

One thing I admire about Joyce is here level of transparency in her books. She is unashamed of her testimony and her faults which help you be authentic about where you are in your walk. The Root of Rejection will help those who take rejection to heart and do not know why. We all deal with rejection in some shape or form. However, some of us like Joyce and myself because of abuse harbored the hurt and rejection personally. Which later began to spew out in our everyday relationships.

Throughout The Root of Rejection, supplemented with prayer and bible study with the Father, I have been brought to a new place of freedom. If I am rejected, Holy Spirit sends me gentle reminders of what I have learned from this book and the scripture Joyce provided to apply to your life.

I ultimately give this book a 4 out of 5. I normally love Joyce’s books! The Root of Rejection was very knowledgeable and full of wisdom. However, it is a very dry and slow read. I DO recommend this book to anyone who takes rejection personally.

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