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True Rest

God can do more when you rest in him, by you casting your cares and putting your full trust in him… Rather than you working tirelessly day and night and becoming weary and spreading yourself thin. He is working out everything for our good. & You were never meant to do it in your own strength.

Oh Lord, how you knew how much I needed this.

My Takeaway

  • There is a difference between sleep and rest.
  • You can wake up from sleep and not feel rested
  • True rest comes from trusting in the Lord
  • He can do more while you rest in him rather than in your own strength
  • We grow weary doing things in our own strength
  • We are in complete reliance of him.
  • He is able to move more and we are able to rest sweeter through submission
  • Sweet sleep comes from true rest found only in Jesus Christ

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