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You Are Not Alone

I’ve come to this place where I seem to be putting in an endless amount of effort in everything I do. The more I try, the more I become weary. I have come to a place of tiredness and a place where I feel far from God.

I am saying this to be transparent. Not for discouragement. I say this to help one of you that may be going through the same thing. This season of my life has been one of correction, repentance, and a need for endurance. It has been one where if I focused on feelings, I would be lost.

A relationship with God is not based upon feelings. But is based upon Faith and the solid foundation of truth, God’s Word.

So, even though I feel weary, he is renewing my strength.

Even though I may feel sad, he is near to the broken hearted.

It may seem like I am surrounded with defeat, but I am more than a conqueror.

It feels like these promises will never comes to pass, but I am in the waiting and his word cannot come back void.

I may feel far from God however he said he will never leave me not forsakeme. He will always be there to deliever me!

Even though the doctors say there is no change, by his wounds I am healed.

Things do not make sense right now, but I lean not on my own understanding, he will make my path straight.

There will be times where your emotions want to take over. But, focus on the perfector of our Faith and the one who will never let us down, Jesus. Surround yourself in his presence and praise him through the storm. You are not alone and you are so loved! Feelings may lie, but his word stands true, now and forever and ever.

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  1. You have come so far, Tanja! It took me decades to know – to REALLY know – that my feelings can lie to me, and that when they do, they don’t get to define me or dictate what I say, do, focus on, believe, or choose.

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