Just before this verse above, Paul is talking about the responsibility he has as a servant of God and a manager of the mysteries of God. How it is required of us to be found faithful and good stewards of what God has given us. I love that these two verses come in after! Paul cared very little about what others thought of him, he knew that he would have to give an account to God rather than the people of this earth. Paul even said that he cannot judge himself, that the only one who could judge him based on the works he had done was God.

A couple things stand out to me with this passage of scripture:

-The account I give is going to be given to God. So other peoples opinions on what I am doing or not doing means very little. If God has called me to do it, the rest should not matter. God is the all knowing, ever knowing, omnipresent God.

-Many things God calls me to do may not make sense to others, but it does not matter. Many times, faith does not make sense. When we are living with a heavenly focus rather than an earthly focus we live much differently than the rest of the world expects us to.

-Only God can judge me is so misunderstood and twisted today. Other people are going to judge you. Unfortunately, that is how the world is. Let God’s opinions and commands be so loud that it drowns out the opinions of others.

-We each have a responsibility to do what God has entrusted us with.

-We will each give an account to him when the day comes.

With all that being said, this passage of scripture brought me freedom but responsibility for the short time I have here on earth. I am choosing to not let other people’s opinions sway the plan and purpose God has for my life. My worth, identity, responsibility, and accountability does not lay with them. I am called by God. Things may look funny but if God calls me to do it, it is for a reason. His plan and timing are perfect. Absolutely flawless.

Let all of us stop seeking the approval of others and instead be focused on our obedience to the Father. If you catch yourself judging, confess and repent. What may look funny to you could be someone’s obedience to the father. In the end, God will bring the light to what is hidden in the darkness and reveal the intentions of every single heart.

Let our hearts be focused on the praise that comes from the Father rather than searching for approval from others.

God has the final say anyway.

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