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Joshua’s Conquest Of The Northern Cities

I can only imagine staring at an army as big as “the sand on the seashore” & God commanding me to not be afraid and telling me tomorrow would be the day they would all fall. God gave Joshua a warning that this war was about to be long. But, God also gave Joshua a command to be strong and a promise of their fall. I could not help but notice that Joshua killed them all with the sword just as God has commanded. He did not miss one beat. He completely destroyed all of them. They very thing that destroyed them all was what Joshua was standing on, God’s Word. After a very long time of war standing on God’s word and being obedient in what God called him to do, the war had ended and there was rest in the land. Rather than looking at the war that we are in the midst of, let us be like Joshua and our foundation be on God’s Word. Let us put on our armor and draw our sword, trusting in God and walking by faith rather than what is in front of us🗡📖

2 thoughts on “Joshua’s Conquest Of The Northern Cities

  1. Tanja, the last time I read Joshua, I was moved by chapter 12, where they list the kings conquered and the territories gained. I made my own list in two columns – “kings” (spiritual strongholds) conquered in my life, and the “territory” gained. (Example: Defeated King: self-loathing; territory: confidence. Defeated king: bitterness; territory: peace. etc.) Knowing your story, I’d love to see your list.

    1. I didnt go further than that chapter this morning but I will have to go further when I sit down again:)

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