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He Is Who He Says He Is.

I am so sorry I have not written lately. God has been working on my heart. But there is so much more to come! It is only the beginning! I like to think that these past couple months that I just seemed to vanish, were moments that he was preparing me to really write for him and the kingdom.

Over the past 11 months of living in Louisiana there has been many up’s and down’s.

My faith has been tested, my heart and mind have been stretched, and I have been taught so much. There have been moments, many moments. Moments I never saw coming but he did. Hard moments that were used as teaching moments that ultimately drew me close to him.

When I stumbled, he never let go of my hand & he was there to help me dust the dirt off my knees and start walking again.

When I wanted to run in fear, Holy Spirit prompted me to stand in faith and cast my cares upon the Lord’s feet. Then he surrounded me with his peace.

When I was angry, he taught me how to forgive and gave me the strength to do so.

When I did not know how to love, he revealed to me his love as the perfect example to follow.

When I thought I was all alone, he often used my neighbor to stop by and check on me. I received random texts and phone calls. There were times that I felt his warmth. There were times when I just knew he was there by his peace.

I wish I could describe his peace.

When the future seemed uncertain, he reminded me that he already had it covered and they were plans to prosper!

When I felt condemned, he showed me a deeper level of freedom.

Just a few of these moments I mentioned have taught me that:

He is who he says he is.

He is faithful.

He is loving.

He never left me.
He gave me strength when I had none left.

He protected me.

He calls me by name.

He stands by me through the good, bad, and the in between.

His love is in everything. We just have to have the heart to see.

His love and his faithfulness never wavered.

Standing in faith, holding onto his promises, declaring them out loud when the future seems uncertain will never be unfruitful.

He is who he says he is.




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