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When Life Gives You Lemons You Freakout or Frank


I just had locked the door on my way out of the Airbnb I stayed at with my family in Houston. I was ready to travel back the 3 hours to Louisiana. I had already said goodbye to my family early that morning since they had a plane to catch to make their way back to Michigan. I walked down the stairs and tried to unlock the car but had to manually unlock it. (What a tragedy) kidding! I went to go start the car and soon realized that I had a dead battery in the midst of a gated community somewhere outside of Houston. My family was already in Dallas by now and not to mention my husband was in training and far away from Texas, WITHOUT a car. I was faced with a choice…

Do I panic? Or do I remind myself and declare that God already has a plan for this?

I chose to deny my flesh and go with God’s promises. My heavenly father already has a plan.

I saw a random guy pull in and began to slightly jog to ask for help. I asked for help and he said he couldn’t help me. Me being me, of course asked if it was okay if I knocked on other people’s doors and the guy proceeded to tell me he has lived there a year and didn’t talk to anyone. I thanked him anyways and he told me to look for maintenance and maybe he could help. I walked into the pool and saw a man and began to explain I needed a jump and soon realized he was not the most fluent in English. But he offered to help. I was like THANKYOU JESUS!

We walked over to the car and soon saw the dilemma besides NOT having jumper cables…My car was in a parking space with grass, Rhonda the Honda, another vehicle with an unknown owner, and grass again. So he told me to stay there so I stood there and just continued to pray. I told him that I trusted him and that he will work out everything for the good.

Soon, a white minivan, one EXACTLY my grandmother and grandfather handed down to me had pulled up with a guy inside who asked if I needed help. I told him that I had someone helping me and he was going to go see if he had jumper cables. He soon pulled out a bag with brand new bought jumper cables and told me to keep them. I asked him for his name so I could give them back. He persisted that I keep them but if I decided not to give them to the maintenance guy and his name was “Frank”. Frank proceeded to pull away as I thanked him and told me to “have a blessed day”.

I looked up in awe, holding onto the brand new jumper cables and thanked God. I knew “Frank” was a blessing only God could send at his impeccable timing.

I was overwhelmed with emotion and thankfulness that his love is always on time.

Soon the pool guy found the owner of the other car, pulled his car forward, gave me a jump, and I was on my way back home to Louisiana.

I had two options here that I would like to call, Freakout or Frank.

I could’ve freaked out and worried for no reason. I was stuck 3 hours away from home with no one I knew or trusted to help. No jumper cables. & it seemed to be circumstance after circumstance.

Or instead of reacting in my flesh and acting on feelings, I could hold onto biblical truth and trust that Abba is an amazing father and he will take care of his daughter.

In this moment even a week before this, I would’ve reacted in my feelings. I would’ve panicked…(& probably cried, let’s be real). But instead Holy Spirit spoke to me and reminded me of a scripture I hold onto so dearly…

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”-Romans 8:28

So the next time you are going through something remember you have a choice: Freakout or Frank. You can choose to react in the way your flesh wants you to, in your emotions. Or you can remember who your father is and choose to believe that he will always keep his promises.

He is faithful.

He will never leave nor forsake you.


His love is always on time.

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