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You Say, God Says

Looking at the many posts of Irma and reflecting on just how powerful the words we speak are. & I am reminded how much greater our God is.

I began reflecting on how many times I’ve been in a circumstance and just settled and decided that this is how it’s supposed to be. That the situation I’m in isn’t going to change so I might as well not even bother praying about it.

I am reminded of how I lived with suicidal thoughts for 15 years of my life, held onto the hurt and pain of my past, and decided to live my identity in mental illness and not as a Child of God. I am reminded that I often settle for less than what Abba has promised me.

In order to know his promises, we need to read them, meditate on them, and declare them over our life.

Instead of dwelling in how terrible your current situation is, understand how great Abba is and how much he loves you.

When looking at a situation that seems impossible, know that ALL things are possible with God and he is the light to guide you. He will make your paths straight.

If you have an overwhelming anxiety and depression, fear, and hatred, know that it isn’t of God, he gives you a sound mind. He is love. He provides you with peace.

We are not called to be troubled or afraid we are called to be confident and courageous.

I often forget that I am walking in Victory not to victory. That the battle is already won. God spoke over my life before anyone could. Before the world or anyone of it decided to share their opinions of “who I am”, what I “should” be doing, and what the worlds definition of “success” is.

Don’t settle for less than what God’s promises have to offer. Don’t settle for less than peace. Don’t settle for the lost staying where they are. God wants ALL his children to come home to him. Don’t settle for mental illness. Don’t settle for sickness. Have faith in God. That he is a God of healing and miracles. Let his love to take over your life. God wants so much more for us, we just never ask.

That is what has been placed on my heart. That we have everything at our disposal, we just don’t realize it. God giving us Holy Spirit is one of the most memorizing things to me. It blows my mind that God would not only sacrifice his son for us but give us apart of him to always keep with us.

Open up your bible and speak God’s word over your life and watch the beauty of his love unfold.

Don’t settle for less.

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