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Self-Care~~Mental Health~~

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself.


So what does this whole "self-care" thing look like?

Well, it looks different to everyone, because we all have different interests, but mine goes a little something like this:

~Self-Care 101~

  • Get 8 hours of rest (6 at the very least/night)

  • Wake up in God's presence, go to sleep in God's presence. (Prayer is a continual conversation)

  • Drink water, NO POP, NO COOKIES!!!!

  • Stay off Social Media

  • Take a bath

  • Journal

  • Read a book

  • Write 5 things you're thankful for

I was told a long time ago, you do something you enjoy for 10 minutes, even if you're depressed and have no motivation, you might end up doing it longer than you expected.

Basic hygiene needs are so important!!! & do NOT isolate yourself.
For me, isolation was one of the worst things I did to myself.

You may be saying, but I'm not depressed. Well, no matter who you are, self-care is important.

Take some time for yourself this weekend and see how you feel.

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