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Growing Pains Part II

I am so thankful to have God with me every step of the way.
I am thankful for who he is.
I am thankful for the strength he provides me when I am weak.
I am thankful for the plan he has spoken over me and my life.

I love relying on God because he’s constant, he’s dependable, and he always brings the darkest of situations to light.

I have been battling lately. I mean, the enemy hit me so hard today that my body is to the point of physically hurting.
I shouted at the enemy so loud today that I was a child of God that I’m pretty sure he felt a piece of God’s wrath upon him.

Today, I had more than a couple rather poopy situations arise, but God was just like, “Do you trust me?”
And then he was like…
“Watch this turn out for the good!”

If there has been any good coming out of this, seems like forever, season, it is that I really have been tested to trust God and rely on Him. This season is growing me deep founded roots in nothing but The Loving Father. I have learned the importance of prayer and the beauty and power behind his word. I have learned more about who God truly is and my identity. I have learned more in this valley than I ever could’ve in highest point of the mountain top.
With that being said, even with all the body aches, tears, and mistakes I’ve made…
I am so thankful for this season. It has brought me growth and deep rooted understanding.

I know that he is with me wherever I go, with every step I take, speaking life and love into what seems like hopeless situations. I know that I have no reason to worry because he has a plan and has already spoken what is to come and what will be. I know in times like these where I need strength to fight that he will provide me with just that. I know that God is a loving Father and he is here to help me into victory not defeat.

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