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Life Gets Better…

Reflecting on the news of hearing that Chester Bennington committed suicide earlier today hit me in a way that I felt the need to share part of my testimony & say that life gets better…I say this because February 2015 was the last time I was in a psychiatric hospital for self-harm & suicidal thoughts that had been ongoing since a very young age. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, & PTSD and had been heavily medicated most of my life, in and out of counseling, and the hospital. It was hard for me to cope so I turned to drugs & alcohol which later on gave me another problem to add to what seemed to be an never ending list. I was at my breaking point and then I finally realized that I couldn't fight anymore & I began to pray. I began going to The River and my relationship with Christ began to grow. Now, still growing deeper into his Love everyday, I haven't been medicated since January 2017 and have been stable. Thank-you Lord for the healing!💜 I am getting married in October to the man of my prayers & moving to Louisana to begin the next chapter. My point being, if I would've committed suicide I wouldn't be here to start a new chapter with my best friend. I wouldn't be able to accomplish my dreams or be able to fulfill the purpose of my life. I thank God for saving me on the day he did & the continual love he pours out on me everyday. When I don't feel worthy, he tells me I am. When I don't feel lovable, he shows me I am. When I feel alone, he's right there beside me. When I need strength, he gives me strength. If you're reading this right now and need someone to talk to or just simply need a hug, call me, text me, FaceTime me. You're worth every breath. Don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise💜
RIP Chester. Praying for all those who deal with mental illness or know of someone battling. You're not alone💜

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