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Coffee With God (Part 1)

I love that I have guidance for every choice I make and even if I mess up, God creates it into something beautiful. I love that God loves us so much that he looks at every detail of our life and accounts for every tear. The more time I spend with him, the more I love him. The more I come to understand him, the more I realize how many deep rooted lies the enemy has led me to believe. I am thankful for God who pays attention to the little things and shows me love through every situation❤️ #Thankful #ItsTheLittleThings #MyBestFriend #PapaGod #Beloved #Victory #Hope #Faith #HitsMeInTheFeels #ChristianBlog #DailyDevotion #CoffeeWithJesus #ThatRedheadGirl11

Relating back to my last post, today, I am going to choose to focus on what’s good. I pray that we pay closer attention to the detail of Gods love for us. Today is going to be a great day!

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